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Jonathan A. Harris is a bold leader who isn’t afraid to speak openly and tackle tough issues. Jonathan is a former Mayor, State Senator, Deputy State Treasurer and Commissioner of Consumer Protection with a proven record of advocating for Connecticut and bringing people together to find practical solutions.

Jonathan knows that our state faces many challenges, and he has a vision for our state. Jonathan believes we need to create sustainable opportunities for our young people, develop an economy built for working families, and ensure that Connecticut is a place where people can afford to raise their families and retire with the same security as their parents did.

First elected to office in 2001 as Mayor of West Hartford, Jonathan focused on making government more efficient and was instrumental in growing the town’s economy. Jonathan expanded the tax base by working with the business community to promote economic development including the building of Blue Back Square and settled a divisive discrimination suit brought against the previous administration.

In the State Senate, Jonathan championed issues such as childhood poverty, healthcare, and services for seniors that empowered them to live independently. He also took on the highly controversial issue of Plan B and brought people from all sides together to make sure that survivors of sexual assault have access to emergency contraception, which passed with overwhelming bipartisan support.


As Commissioner of the Department of Consumer Protection, Jonathan was responsible for securing a safe and fair marketplace for consumers and businesses, implemented measures to thoughtfully expand the medical marijuana program, and worked to reduce the impact of our state’s opioid epidemic. At DCP, Jonathan continued to apply his theory of focused government, by concentrating on things that directly impact people’s lives, and updating state laws and regulations to prevent unnecessary and outdated government oversight.


As an attorney, public servant, and entrepreneur for 27 years, Jonathan has developed the knowledge, relationships, and experience to be an effective leader. Jonathan will bring real change to Connecticut on day one. Jonathan is a graduate of Brandeis University and NYU School of Law, and resides in West Hartford with his wife Lucy and their son Spencer.

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